Animal Donation Advocate, Inc is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization located at 1801 East Parkcourt Place, Suite D-100, Santa Ana, CA 92701 in Orange County. The organization was founded by the President, Chief Financial Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Joseph Fleishon. The corporation was setup in March of 2008 as AAD Animal Rescue, Inc. The name was changed in 2010 because during this last economic recession many people wanted to drop their animal at the office. The organization did not have the proper facility to host all the animals and to care for them. Joesph Fleishon

The organization was started by individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of animals, the families that love them and, the unwanted animals. Every day veterinarians see responsible pet owners who simply do not have the financial ability to pay the cost associated with the medical needs of their pets.

Our first goals is to assist the elderly, those living on a fixed income, low income families, and the unemployed with medical care-when it has been determined that, without treatment, the pet’s life is at risk or the pet will endure needless suffering. We also support education of personal responsibilities of pet ownership.

Our second goal is to promote and support financially spay / neuter campaigns in Southern California and Mexico. We strongly believe that animal overpopulation will reduce the inhuman suffering of animals.

Our Third goal is to help by working together with other nonprofit organization to find loving homes for lost, abused and unwanted animals. Currently we are working very closely with a wonderful non- profit organizations:

The firs organization is Anima Advocate of the US, (AAUS). This group help fined on the average 20 homes for animals per month. They also go to Mexico to help with spay / neuter programs, help suffering animals with medical support; enhance nutrition’s and support animal shelters to provide care for the animals residents.  

The second great nonprofit organization is Save A Small Dog Rescue, Inc. (SADR) in Phelan, CA. This group is amazing in what they accomplish each year with a very, very small budget. Animal donation Advocate, Inc financially helps them with all their projects.Joseph Fleishon

The third nonprofit organization is Animal Rescue Resources Foundation; (ARRF) based in San Diego, CA. they provide tremendous services to the community of San Diego with Pet Adoptions and, Education of Pet Care.

The fourth group is Spay Mexico a non-profit organization that was setup by Animal Donation Advocate, Inc for the sole purpose of promoting spay / neuter campaign in Mexico at low cost. Currently the cost of spay / neuter per animal is $10.00. This is because of the massive medical and surgical supplies donated by many volunteers, great team of Doctors that are volunteering their time to teach other Doctors to spay / neuter animals with a very small incision and in about 10 minutes. On the average the spay / neuter for each animal is 10 minutes for prepping the animal, 10 minutes for spay / neuter and 45 minutes recovery.  The operating table is a Walmart Ironing Board with a special V cut plastic stricture that the animal lays during the operation. In the near future we will post pictures from the spay / neuter campaign in Mexico.

The fifth Goal is to re establish the distribution of donated food product to qualified nonprofit organization and animal shelters.

Animal Donation Advocate pride itself on every donated dollar spending about 10% on administrative support and about 90% on helping support the programs mentioned above.  Joseph FleishonWe are all Volunteers and receive no perks or financial supports from Animal Donation Advocate, Inc.  As a registered nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductable and will be used to support all of the programs mentioned above. All our books and records are open to the public under our supervision.

Please be generous and help us fund all the programs mentioned above by donating today to our wonderful organization. For donations please click above at “Donate”, payment method is through Pay Pal and We accept most credit cards.


Thank you

Joseph Fleishon, President